Paracord - Solar Orange 12" Extensions

Paracord - Solar Orange 12" Extensions

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Please allow 5-7 days for your extensions to be made.

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WazzModz extensions are 100% hand crafted to order using the best materials we can find. We use 16 gauge wire, high density PET or high quality paracord, and quality connectors and terminals. All of our extensions include the “rainbow” curve effect, meaning that the top layer of wire is made longer than the layer underneath to give the extension a natural curve. All cables are heatshrinkless to give a more polished and clean look.

The PET that we use for our sleeving has an exceptionally tight feel and look. The benefit of using PET is a glossy like look that is exceptionally vibrant. PET is a lot stiffer than paracord but tend to hold their shape better and are easier to train.  

The paracord look is more of a muted/mat feel easier to bend than PET. There is a certain sophistication you get with paracord that you don't get with the plastic feel to PET.  

Curve and Clip location explanation

The clip location is important. Hardware manufactures can align the clip either on the outside or inside of the mother board, top or bottom of the graphics card. Once an order is placed we will ask to select where the clip should be located relative to the curve of the extension. 

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