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Handmade Custom Cables

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Custom PSU Extension Cables

At Wazz Modz we have a passion for computer hardware. The computer is not just a machine to complete tasks or play games, it has the potential to be an extension of your personality.

We use the best materials, All our cables are handmade and meticulously assembled to insure the highest quality. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction. We will create the best product possible. 

We want this process to be very hands on so we take more of a consulting approach to the ordering process. Instead of ordering your product from an online form and hoping that you get what you ordered. Here at Wazz Modz we feel that your order is personal., and a reflection of who you are. Rather than an order form, we will work directly with you on your custom needs. We want to make sure that we understand exactly what you need whether it's extra length, multiple shades of blue, a curve to the side instead of down, or any other challenges you may have. Because your design is important to us, we provide a contact sheet so we can work one on one with you to insure you understand the different options available.   Our ideal is to provide you with a perfect product.

"I created my company to make cables because I enjoy it. My goal is a little different than other builders, I want to be a trusted partner in your build and work with you to make sure you get the product you are looking for."

— Aaron Wiggins (Owner)


Each cable is crafted to order, with the best components available. Each pin alined correctly, sleeves measured to each wire, hand assembled, and tested to insure compatibility.  


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  • Built two sets of extensions for Joker Productions. See Joker's reviews below see all reviews here.
  • Set of extensions sent to Bitwit
  • Part of the the NZXT / Bud Light sponsor build check it out:  NZXT Blog Bud Light E-Sports Pics below. 

Custom Cables and more...

We don't only make extensions, we also produce: 

  • Custom full length cables for a variety of power supplies
  • Sleeved Sata Data cables 
  • Fan extension cables 
  • Custom LED lighting 
  • And local Southern CA wiring service for internal I/Os for cases and case mods
  • and much more to come....

We are also looking into building custom gaming PC's, and the creation of a modding online store and resource service so keep checking back or reach out if you would like more information.